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The Options Club


The Options Club

Project overview

The inception of The Options Club is a groundbreaking project under the umbrella of Reza Hair Berlin, spearheaded by Teresa Hofmeister, a renowned Extensions Expert. Driven by her unparalleled success in the hairstyling industry, particularly through prestigious bookings for video shoots and film productions, Teresa recognized the need for a dedicated studio to meet the evolving demands of her elite clientele. She reached out to Peng in 2021 with the vision to establish a dedicated studio specializing in a wide range of products such as wigs, hair toppers, extensions, clip-ins, ponies, ponytails and stylings.


The project’s challenge centered on distilling Reza’s bold, youthful, and experimental style into The Options Club brand. Collaborating with Berlin’s experienced Creative Director, Peng, the goal was to capture the essence of Reza’s loud, hip, cheeky, and colorful approach to hairstyling. The task demanded a seamless fusion of creativity and strategy to ensure The Options Club reflected Reza’s distinctive personality while standing as a vibrant, independent brand in the competitive beauty industry.

visually arresting and boldly unique identity


In the strategic development of the brand, we focussed on a captivating key visual, aptly named the „Twist“. This mesmerizing animated sphere, reminiscent of a swirling and enchanting hairball, takes center stage as the cornerstone of The Options Club’s visual identity. The Twist is a dynamic entity in perpetual motion, gracefully evolving through a spectrum of vibrant colors, intricate shapes, and varying lengths an builds the dynamic heartbeat of the brand.


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Flor de Sal Branding Packaging design

The Key Visual becomes the Dynamic Heartbeat of the Brand.

This animated display serves a dual purpose: It creates a visually arresting and bold identity that resonates with Reza’s eclectic style, It also establishes an immediate and profound connection to the extensive array of hair solutions offered by The Options Club. The ever-changing hues and shapes of the Twist mirror the diversity and transformative qualities of the high-quality wigs, hair toppers, extensions, and other products provided by the studio. Its dynamic and fluid movement within the visual realm captures the avant-garde and experimental spirit of Reza’s hairstyling approach. This deliberate choice enhances the brand’s overall visual impact and positions The Options Club as a trailblazer in the competitive beauty industry. In essence, the Twist is more than a key visual; it is a living representation of The Options Club’s commitment to pushing boundaries, embracing diversity, and delivering top-tier, customized hair solutions. By infusing this dynamic element into the brand, we have created an immersive visual experience that not only sets The Options Club apart but also establishes a strong and resonant identity within the ever-evolving beauty landscape.


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